Frederick University is hosting an Erasmus+ BIP on "Law and Ethics in the Digital Era"

Academics and students from European Universities will meet in Cyprus between May 2-6 for an Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program (BIP) initiated by Frederick University. The program is titled ‘Law and Ethics in the Digital Era’.

Participants will be involved in workshops, presentations and round table discussion on hot EU issues such as democracy and corruption. All activities will take place at Frederick University’s two campuses in Nicosia and Limassol.

“Law and Ethics in the Digital Era” aspires to constitute a source of knowledge and a fruitful educational program as well as a unique experience of exchanging best practices among different cultures and legal systems. It deals with all timely and most important dimensions of the European Digital Agenda which shall be implemented by all member states. Issues such as the legal nature and role of artificial intelligence in our modern societies, the impact of digitalization on our lives, the new forms of digital economy and the protection of privacy and security in social media are placed in the centre of interest of the seminar and will be thoroughly discussed and analyzed. The crucial question is: what is the relation between law and ethics and how can we find the right balance?

“The program’s ultimate goal is to provide knowledge in exploring our digital world. We also aim to raise awareness on crucial legal, social and ethical issues” comments Dr Konstantinos Kouroupis, Assistant Professor of European and Data Rights Law at Frederick University’s Department of Law and coordinator of the BIP. “We are looking forward to welcoming colleagues and students from Universities in Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Greece and share thoughts on how to solve essential problems or risks for online privacy and security”.

The program's main event will be held on May 4th at Frederick University's Limassol campus. Keynote speakers Mr Andreas Kettis, Head of the European Parliament Office in Cyprus, Ms Christiana Xenophontos, vice president of the European Youth Council and former Jugde, Mr Andreas Paschalides, member of the Law Department's Faculty will highlight matters of Democracy and Ethics while participating students will debate on Corruption and Democracy. The event will be held between 10:30-12:30. 

Erasmus+ BIPs are short programs, that use innovative ways of learning and teaching, including online cooperation. The programs include challenge-based learning where transnational and transdisciplinary teams work together to tackle challenges, sustainable development goals or other societal challenges identified by regions, cities or companies.

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