What is FULL

What is FULL

FULL stands for
Frederick University
Living Lab

We want to enable our students to confront future challenges while actively and creatively contributing to sustainable societies

The initiative builds partnerships between Frederick University courses and organisations (industry, corporate, non-profit, government-sector organizations, institutions etc.). It takes the form of a project, or other task, that has to be performed by the students, in actual professional settings, during a semester, in collaboration with the representative(s) from the partner organisations and the course’s instructors. The project is determined by the course instructor after considering the course’s learning outcomes and the partner organisations’ needs. The project can constitute one of the means for coursework assessment and or final assessment.

This initiative represents a paradigm shift from teacher-centred learning to student-centred learning. Students in this model are not considered passive recipients of information but on the contrary, they are given different opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning and to actively participate in the construction of knowledge, and to develop their autonomy as learners through self-reflection and improved learning skills.

FULL also enables a change in mind-set for faculty members since it encourages internal collaboration amongst different faculty members as well as external collaboration with different stakeholders.

The initiative is integrated within Frederick University existing courses. During the semester, in every FULL course, a three-party relationship develops which involves faculty experts, industry mentors and students.