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PhD in Education

PhD Social Work, Social Policy and Administration

MA in Social Work and Social Administration

Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

MA in Social Work and Social Administration

Level Of Qualification

Master of Arts (2nd Cycle Degree)

Offered by

Department of Psychology and Social Sciences

Mode of Study

Full Time or Part Time 

The MA in Social Work and Social Administration aims at promoting the social work profession by providing specialized and quality social work education to students from a social work or other relevant academic background. By doing so, it prepares them to become skilled and competent professionals and leaders in social planning, administrative and community practice. Respect to diversity and the promotion of social justice permeate the philosophy of the program. It also prepares graduates for direct employment and a successful career in a great variety of professional placements. The language of instruction is Greek.

The main objectives of the Program are to:

  1. educate students to be competent in the social planning professional methods, interventions, values and ethics, designing social services and programmes, tackling and preventing social problems, protecting human rights and promoting research design and evaluation,
  2. provide students with the knowledge and skills which will allow them to adapt and evolve in the fast evolving social changes occurring in modern societies,
  3. help students develop the transferable skills needed to ensure a successful career in the field of Social Sciences,
  4. prepare students for direct employment after graduation by integrating theory with practice, through activities like field placement.
  5. prepare students for further studies by helping them acquire the required knowledge and develop the necessary skills.

The language of instruction is Greek.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Apply appropriate knowledge, skills and values, derived from context of interdisciplinary contemporary Social Science.
  • Engage in research for theory, practice and program evaluation for the development of social planning.
  • Promote awareness of the forms and mechanisms of social problems and develop strategies of advocacy and social change.
  • Plan, implement and evaluate social welfare and empowerment programs for various vulnerable groups of people.
  • Formulate social policies and critically analyse and evaluate the impact of existing social policies, at European, international and national level.
  • Use research to inform practice, to assess and understand problems on local and national level.
  • Engage in opportunities that promote lifelong-learning and continuous professional growth.

Occupational Profiles of the Graduates

Graduates of the programme are qualified for employment in allareas of social sciencepractice fields of work. They will be eligible to plan, design, evaluate and develop social programmes and social services. Also, they are eligible to work with all vulnerable groups of people (e.g. victims of violence, unaccompanied minors, persons with disabilities, elderly people etc). Postgraduates can find employment opportunities in a great variety of field organizations, such as:

  • Social Welfare Services
  • NGOs
  • International organizations
  • Local Authorities
  • Institutions for people with disabilities
  • Community work.

In particular, our postgraduates work in the welfare office, social inclusion department, municipalities as directors in the social services, directors in multifunctional centres, autistic association. Some of them continued their careers in countries such as England, USA and Europe.

Postgraduates are considered by the labor market as professionals ready to be employed and contribute to their maximum potential. Therefore, the feedback which we (academic/teaching staff) receive by the labor market is of our postgraduates’ excellence and preponderance in comparison to others. Our postgraduates’ success is the indication of the program’s overall achievements.