Dr. Maria Athanasekou
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Dr. Maria Athanasekou

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Dr Maria Athanasekou completed a PhD in art history at the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, an MA in Renaissance Studies at the University of London, Birkbeck College and a BA in Archaeology and History of Art at the National University of Athens. Currently, she is completing her post doc research at the University of Western Macedonia on Art and Education policy. She teaches the module “Art as a therapeutic means in Special Education’’ at the Master’s Program on Special Education, at the Education Department in the school of Education and Social Sciences, at Frederick University, Cyprus. She also teaches History of the Arts in Europe at the BA program of the Hellenic Open University, as well as, Art in Special Education, at the University of the Aegean. In the past, among other institutions, she taught at the National Technical University of Salonica, the University of Western Macedonia, the School of Architecture, Athens etc. She has also delivered papers in a number of international conferences which have been published and contributed with chapters to books, as well as having published two e-books on art and education. She has edited and co written the book “Why art concerns me” (Γιατί με αφορά η τέχνη, Ηδυέπεια, 2020) and has also written the book “Pandemics: Art and Society” (Πανδημία: Τέχνη και Κοινωνία Ηδυέπεια, 2020). Co -authored with Alexandros Argyriadis she has published the book: «A concise approach to Modernism in art: Cultural moments of the history and theory of art». Available on Amazon, 2020, etc. Her research revolves around art, therapy, (special) education and in her teaching as well as her books she attempts an interdisciplinary approach combining elements from the humanities based on art. She likes telling art stories, to share and communicate through images.
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