Dr. Stavroula Polychronopoulou Zac
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Dr. Stavroula Polychronopoulou Zac

DL - Education
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Short CV
Stavroula Polychronopoulou holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Hartford, (UofH) USA, a Master’s Degree in Special Education from the UofH, and a Ph.D in Psychology and Special Education with Honors from the University of Connecticut, USA. She is an emeritus professor of Special Education at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens teaching compulsory special education courses in the undergraduate and graduate study programs from 2017 until today; visiting professor at the University of Cyprus (2018, 2022); collaborative academic staff at the University of Macedonia (2013-2017); collaborative academic staff at Frederick University teaching distance learning courses in the MSc program in Special Education (“Evaluation in Special Education”) (2021, 2022). She has held many clinical, academic and administrative posts, has developed and taught 17 courses of special education and psychology, supervised teachers, psychologists, social workers, work therapists, speech therapists, nurses and physiotherapists, and coordinated numerous university, school district and community training activities. She has participated in 35 national and European Research programs on special needs issues, and has coordinated 16 of them. She has written 4 books, 4 monographs, 10 chapters in books, more than 150 articles in journal papers and proceedings of national and international conferences and has published results of 15 research projects she has participated to (collective work). She has worked as council expert in special needs of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (1985), member of the Executive Education Committee of the Center of Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) of OECD (2004-2007), member of the Council of Experts of the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education (EADSNE) (1994-1999) and member of the research and writing team of many studies conducted by the EADSNE. She has gained valuable experience working in a European and international dimension in the framework of implementing programs for the promotion of inclusive education in countries such as Spain, Denmark, Italy, England, Wales, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Portugal, Iceland, France, Sweden, Belgium, USA, Greece and Cyprus (1991-2021).
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