STEM camp for girls aged 13-16

Frederick University organises the STEM camp*, for girls aged 13-16 years old, as part of its campaign for the participation of more girls and women in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

The STEM camp will take place on the 4-8 of July, at the Nicosia campus. A week of a series of experiential workshops, during which the girls will have the opportunity to explore, create, experiment, build, and solve problems with resourcefulness, analytical thought, and imagination so that they come into direct contact with the STEM disciplines*.

Some of the workshops that will take place are the following:

• Study, design and build a bridge (Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Architecture)
• Make a canvas with pigment compounds (Department of Pharmacy)
• Play music by assembling an electric current (Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics)
• Program a robotic vehicle using the senses and logic (Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics)
• Learn about the building and driving of a Formula racing car (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
• Learn how creative thought is the “engine” of STEM

Additionally to the workshops, the girls will have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities of career orientation, empowerment and self-development. The programme also includes visits to relevant organisations and meetings/discussions with women that thrive in those fields and can be a source of inspiration.

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Participation is FREE. Limited availability. First come first served.

*The activity is part of the long run campaign of Frederick University, “To all women & girls: Join the Journey in Engineering, Science and Technology”. The campaign is sponsored by the Commissioner of Gender Equality and part of the specific activity is funded by the National Mechanism for Women’s Rights. Recognising the significance of women’s representation in Engineering, Science and Technology and in the context of its effort for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, Frederick University takes part in the global effort to decrease the gender gap in these sectors, organising a series of workshops for girls and by joining forces with successful women of these sectors, who can be a source of inspiration for girls of all ages. Additionally, it offers scholarships of 50% to all girls that will choose to study any of the undergraduate programmes of the University’s Engineering School.
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