Successful evaluation and accreditation of the Department of Nursing

Frederick University announces the successful evaluation and accreditation of the Department of Nursing by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education, after in-depth evaluation by a Committee of experts.

As it was accredited by the External Evaluation Committee (EEC) which was constituted by the Council of Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, the following programs in the Department of Nursing were successfully evaluated: BSc in Nursing, MSc in Advanced Health Care, and PhD in Health Sciences.

The programs are specially designed and developed by distinguished members of Frederick University’s academic staff and by specialized and experienced professionals in the field of Nursing.

BSc in Nursing
The undergraduate degree in Nursing has been designed in accordance with the European Directives and has received recognition of professional qualifications from the European Commission, giving graduates the right to practice their profession in any EU country. The program’s graduates are registered with the Cyprus Nursing and Midwifery Council and the Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses.

Providing high quality nursing care is at the heart of the Nursing Program. Students gain knowledge about health advancement, disease prevention, health risk reduction and are properly prepared to enter the industry. The program also provides a strong foundation for developing the clinical reasoning and clinical skills required so that its graduates can work in a wide range of health services in the public and private sectors. Students are trained in four fully equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment.

MSc in Advanced Health Care
The MSc in Advanced Health Care is the first postgraduate program in Cyprus that focuses on Primary Health Care and responds to the new challenges and changes brought to the health sector by the development of the General Health System (GESY). The program offers two specializations: Community Health Care and Emergency Health Care. The program aims to prepare qualified health professionals to provide preventive and treatment services in the community. The scientific training of health professionals enhances the quality of health services and contributes to improving the health of the population, as well as to a better outcome of emergencies, without delays and with coordinated actions.

PhD in Health Sciences
The PhD in Health Sciences focuses on research in the field of Health Sciences and leads to the acquisition of the PhD title. The doctoral student chooses the subject in which he/she will carry out his/her research under the guidance of a professor with research activity and experience in this topic. The duration of studies is 3 to 8 academic years. Applicants may apply following a call for applications.

The EEC met with the head of the institution, the head of the relevant department, the program’s coordinator, members of the academic staff, members of the administrative staff, students and/or their representatives and the Internal Quality Assurance Committee. Additionally, the EEC examined the institution's facilities (library, computer labs, labs, teaching classes, research infrastructures, etc.), various documents presented and/or requested by the EEC, the School’s/Faculty’s structure and the program’s position in it, the CVs of the teaching staff and their relationship to the institution as teachers in regard to any other duties and teaching.

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