School bullying addressed during workshops by the Department of Education

Frederick University's Department of Education organized a series of workshops on school bullying. The workshops were presented by members of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute's staff who specialize in violence prevention.

The seminars were attended by students of the Department of Education's undergraduate programs BEd in Primary Education and BEd in Pre-Primary Education, as well as members of the Department's Faculty. The two-hour sessions were interactive and engaging. 

Konstantinos Papageorgiou (teacher, special educator, and psychotherapist), conducted an experiential seminar in Nicosia titled "School Bullying Without Escapes." The aim was to educate students on recognizing school bullying, raise awareness about the need for measures to manage it, and familiarize them with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Youth's policy for addressing the issue.

Margarita Moisi (officer at the Cyprus Observatory on School Violence), held a corresponding experiential seminar in Limassol titled "School Bullying." The goal was to discuss the issue with students, covering its forms, characteristics, consequences, and the implementation of techniques in schools to cultivate empathy among students.

The issue of school bullying is a timely and pressing matter in education in Cyprus. The preparation of educators capable of effectively addressing it is deemed crucial by the Department of Education. As part of its vision, the Department seeks to enhance educators with values and empathy to contribute to shaping a more humane and healthy society.

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