Frederick University presented the Michael Frederickou Awards 2021-2022

Excellence in teaching, research and contribution to society by members of our University community awarded at this year's MF AWARDS in memory of the University's founder

During the Graduates Award Ceremony for the academic year 2021-22, the University awarded the Michael Frederickou awards, in memory of its founder, Michael Frederickou, for the second time since he passed away in August 2020. The Award Ceremony took place on Tuesday, 28th of June, at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre.

The awards were presented by the President of the Council, Ms Natassa Frederickou and the President of the House of Representatives, Ms Annita Dimitriou, in the presence of the President of the Cyprus Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts, Professor Andreas Dimitriou, the Rector of the University, Professor George Dimosthenos, members of Council of the University, and special guests.

The establishment of the Michael Frederickou Awards aims to recognize and honor the actions that promote the values ​​of the Founder and of Frederick University itself: excellence in teaching, research and service to society as a whole. As stated by the President of the University Council: "The Michael Frederickou awards aim to highlight the principles and beliefs of Michael Frederickou, that managed to make this institution progress over time and that make us stand out."


The Awards

Teaching Excellence AwardDr Panagiotis Theodosis Nobelos, Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy at Frederick University. The students of the bachelor in Pharmacy, who nominated him for this award made remarkable comments about him: "He was an excellent role model both in terms of his knowledge and his ethics, dignity, kindness and interest towards us. He has the ability to distinguish the potential of each student and encourage them, believe in them and generously provide them help and motivation, even if he was not asked".

Research Excellence Award: Dr Haris Charalambous, Associate Professor at the Engineering School of Frederick University. The proposal of Dr. Charalambous was rated 14.7 out of 15. 

Research Excellence Award: Dr Dimitris Nikolaidis, Associate Professor at the Engineering School of Frederick University. Dr Nikolaidis' proposal was rated 14.32 out of 15.

Both researchers won funding in the last year as project coordinators in the Research and Innovation Foundation's "Excellence Hubs" program. They are funded in the Natural Sciences and Engineering subject and their scientific work of the two enjoys significant international recognition. 

Research Excellence Award: Historical Constructional Systems Research Unit for the long-term involvement of students in Research. The team includes Professor Panagiotis Touliatos, Associate Professor Nasso Chrysochou, Associate Professor Marios Pelekanos, and Assistant Professor Nikos Georgiou of the Department of Architecture at Frederick University. The Unit has become a point of reference in the field of analysis and evaluation of historical monuments in Cyprus, and enjoys international esteem.

Outstanding Student or Graduate Awards: Awarded to students and graduates of the University with a significant impact on society. The award was shared by two students:
Marios Pafitis, student of the postgraduate Program of Study in Web and Smart Systems. Marios Pafitis combines the subject of his studies and his social responsibility to promote actions and research in issues related to health and IT, such as the detection of Alzheimer's in MRI images, in environmental issues, as well as in other social issues.
Konstantinos Christou, student of the Bachelor's Program in Physical Education and Sports Science. Konstantinos Christou has been working with the wheelchair basketball team 'Hefaistos' for the last two years with the aim of promoting the Paralympics, the socialization of people with disabilities through sports, but also the promotion and empowerment of people with disabilities so that they can continue to be source of inspiration. He has also contributed to the creation of the Non-Profit Center for Education and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities 'YPARCHO'.

This year's "Impact on Society by a student or graduate" awards were in memory of the late Minister of Labor and Social Insurance, Zeta Emilianidou, for her commitment to the promotion of social justice, for her social sensitivity, and for her deep love and concern for the welfare of her fellow citizens.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are fully aligned with Frederick University's core values ​​and integrated into its mission. As an indication of the importance the University attaches to the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, four relevant awards were awarded:

• The Blue Limassol project, in which members of the Department of Shipping and Commerce and the Department of Architecture and Engineering of Frederick University participated. The project included conducting, on behalf of the Municipality of Limassol, the first comprehensive Environmental Study that identifies and evaluates, overall and combined, the environmental risks in the coastal area of ​​Limassol. The award was received on behalf of the team by the Assistant Professor and President of the Department of Shipping and Commerce, Dr. Angelos Menelaou.

• The CARE project "Visual arts education in new times: Connecting Art with REal life issues", which aimed to strengthen the visual arts in the field of education by integrating elements of sustainable development. The award was received by the Lead Researcher and Coordinator of the project CARE, Dr Victoria Pavlou, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Sciences.

• The Forest School, the first of its kind in Cyprus, which promotes the multifaceted development of the child through experiential learning in nature and freedom. The award was accepted on behalf of the team by the head of the program, Dr. Nikoletta Christodoulou, Associate Professor at the University's Department of Educational Sciences.

• The Nature Conservation Unit, the University's longest-running research unit, and the largest nature conservation research body in Cyprus, with funding of over one million in recent years and substantial contribution to the development of environmental protection policies. The LIFE-KEDROS project, in which the Unit participated, was recently awarded as one of the three best in Europe - an important distinction for Cyprus and its forests. The award was received by the head of the unit, Dr. Konstantinos Kounnamas, and Dr. Chrysanthi Katzi, a member of the team.

Best Thesis Awards: The awards were given to the best Master's or Doctoral thesis in each of the University's five Faculties. The students who were awarded in this category received an award from the Ioannidis-Dimitriou Law Office:

• School of Engineering: Michael Chrysostomou
• School of Education and Social Sciences: Stavros Stavrou
• School of Business and Law: Chrysanthi Yachanatzi
• School of Arts, Communication and Cultural Studies: Chrysos Kyriakou
• School of Health Sciences: Vasso Stylianou

During the Ceremony, the University honored its first Rector, Professor Michalis Papadopoulos, marking 15 years since the University started operating. Professor Michalis Papadopoulos was a member of the University's Provisional Governing Committee and was later elected as the first Rector for the period 2007-2009. 

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