Scholarships and
Financial Assistance

We support young people
to fund their studies

We pride ourselves on the funding mechanisms we provide to the student community.

This is achieved through two broad schemes:

- Scholarships

- Financial Assistance 

These schemes apply only to students attending conventional mode (on-campus) studies. This section will help you understand what support is available and how you can apply.

Scholarships for new undergraduate students

We offer full and partial scholarships to new full-time students based on the average grade on their High School Leaving Certificate from public or private secondary schools in the Republic of Cyprus. The scholarship applies to the first year of study. From the second year of study, they can participate in our scholarship program “Scholarships during academic studies”.

High School leaving certificate grade Scholarship
19.00 – 20.00 100%
18.00 – 18.99 50%
17.00 – 17.99 10% – 20%


- Apart from the 100% scholarship, all other percentages can be increased in combination with reductions based on socio-economic criteria.
- In case two or more scholarships are awarded, the scholarship with the highest percentage is applied.
- The scholarships apply to all conventional programs of study, provided the candidates meet the program’s admission criteria.
- The scholarships apply to high school graduates of the previous academic year or to high school graduates of the academic year before who have served in the Cyprus National Guard.
- The scholarships do not apply to transfer students.

Scholarships during academic studies

Our policy is to reward students based on academic excellence. We annually allocate a grant to students based on their academic performance, without them having to apply. Continuing students who fulfil the terms and conditions of this scholarship program, can earn reductions of tuitions fees based on their Cumulative GPA. The program applies to undergraduate students in conventional mode (on-campus) studies and postgraduate level students in conventional mode (on-campus) studies at Master’s level. The reductions are not made in cash, but are deducted from the tuition fees of the following semester.

Degree level GPA Scholarship
Undergraduate 8.00-10.00 5-50%
Postgraduate 9.00-10.00 10-25%

Scholarships for postgraduate students

Scholarship schemes are in place for postgraduate students. We offer partial scholarships based on their academic performance in their Bachelor’s degree. 

We also offer scholarships for PhD studies. For further information, please contact the Admissions Office

Sports Scholarships

We offer full or partial scholarships to students based on their performance in sports, as per the Sports Scholarship Plans, which are issued and valid for each academic year.
Students who are members of Frederick University’s sport teams that compete in the Cyprus University Sports Federation (CUSF) championships are eligible for sports scholarships.
The provision of sports scholarships to elite students - athletes whose sports are not registered with the Cyprus University Sports Federation (CUSF) is examined on a case-by-case basis.

Women in STEM Scholarships

In the framework of the "Join the Journey to Technology and Engineering" campaign, Frederick University offers Scholarships to all girls who choose undergraduate programs of study of the University’s School of Engineering. For further information, visit the campaign's website or contact the Admissions Office.

Michael Frederickou Scholarships

Frederick University offers full scholarships in memory of the University founder, Michael Frederickou (1937-2020). You can download the announcement for the academic year 2022-23 here. For further information, please contact the Admissions Office

Other Scholarships / Monetary Prizes

Organisations/individuals offer scholarships/monetary prizes to Frederick University students based on academic, financial or other criteria. Organisations/individuals also offer monetary awards to postgraduate students based on their academic performance.

For further information in relation to the current scholarship schemes available, please contact the Admissions Office.

Scholarships for international students

We offer scholarships that cover up to 25% of the tuition fees to international students during the first year of studies, based on their performance at school (for undergraduate candidates) and the overall grade of their Bachelor’s degree (for postgraduate candidates). The scholarship can be renewed in subsequent years based on the student’s academic performance at Frederick University.

Women in STEM scholarships (please see above) also apply for international students. You can learn more here.

For further information in relation to the current scholarship schemes available, please contact the Admissions Office.


You may be able to benefit from the financial assistance we can provide. You can qualify for tuition fee reductions for a variety of reasons, including the overall financial income in the family, health problems in the family, single parent families, and number of dependents in the family. You can also be employed by the University and benefit from tuition fee reductions.

Provisions to students with financial difficulties

We support students that face financial difficulties and find it difficult to continue their studies. We strongly feel that it is best for the individuals, and the society at large, if competent students are not forced to terminate their studies due to financial problems. For this reason, we provide an extensive financial assistance scheme which is based on socioeconomic criteria, offering a partial reduction of tuition fees to students who face serious financial difficulties, regardless of their academic performance. The amount is decided upon by the financial committee of the University.

Eligible students can apply to the financial committee, which will assess their entitlement for our financial assistance schemes. All cases are examined individually and the information provided is handled with strict confidentiality. Please see the application for financial assistance form for deadlines.

To download the application for financial assistance please click here

Provisions to students who come from large families

There is a 5% discount for students who come from large families – 4+ children - (a valid card from the Pancyprian Organisation of Large Families is required).

Provisions to siblings studying at Frederick University

  1. In the event of two siblings studying concurrently at Frederick University or Frederick Institute of Technology, a 5% discount is given to each student.
  2. In the event of three or more siblings studying concurrently at Frederick University or Frederick Institute of Technology, a 10% discount is offered to each student.

Reduced tuition fees for Alumni

Our graduates benefit from tuition fee reductions (€85/ECTS) should they decide to register to a second undergraduate conventional mode degree and to reductions from 15% to 40% should they decide to continue their studies in a conventional mode postgraduate program. Their children, partners or siblings also benefit from 10% fee reductions.

Student on-Campus Employment

During your studies you can take a temporary part-time job at the University. It’s a great way to develop new skills and gain valuable work experience.

A variety of campus jobs are offered to students every year, from administrative to technical positions, and from one-off opportunities to regular shift work.


  • Students can work for up to 20 hours per week.
  • The working hours are the same as that of the administrative staff, or as otherwise indicated.
  • Employment lasts for a predetermined amount of time based on an agreement with the student. If the employment lasts longer, the agreement will be renewed for the required time and end upon completion of work.
  • The students’ payments are deducted from their tuition fees.