EU Anti-Trafficking Day event at Frederick University

Frederick University held an event on October 18th, 2022, during which Yianna Americanou's short film “Lullaby” was screened, followed by a discussion on human trafficking in Cyprus 

The event was held at Frederick University's "Tassos Papadopoulos" seminar room on the occasion of EU Anti-Trafficking Day, in the presence of Ms Americanou, director of the film and member of the academic staff at the Department of Arts and Communication of the University, Ms Eleni Michael, Head of the Anti-Trafficking Office of the Cyprus PoliceMs Androulla Christofidou - Henriques, Honorary President of the Cyprus STOP Trafficking! organization and Ms Natassa Frederickou, President of Frederick University's Council. 

Produced in 2009, "Lullaby" short film presents the story of a girl who was a human trafficking victim. With this film, director Yianna Americanou summarizes in 15 minutes the reality of sexual exploitation of women in Cyprus. “At that time, human trafficking was more visible, however today things are much more complex and insidious. With the push of a button you have at your disposal through specialized and everyday websites entire 'menus' of women who sell their bodies and price lists, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Dozens of young women appear every day on these sites. Are they victims of human trafficking? Some might say they are women who made that choice themselves. No one forced them. But the issue of choice is quite obscure and complicated. I hope that through our discussion we can understand a little more on how the mechanism of human trafficking operates. To understand a little more about the conditions that help human trafficking grow and flourish” commented Ms Natassa Frederickou, President of the University’s Council.

During her speech, Ms Eleni Michael referred to the current situation of human trafficking in Cyprus and pointed out the dangers involved as the exploitation of persons has been largely transferred to the internet and often involves young girls and boys.

Ms. Christofidou - Henriques, founder of Cyprus STOP Trafficking!, gave a brief review of the history of the Cyprus STOP Trafficking! organization and captivated the audience with the descriptions of tragic cases of girl victims in Cyprus.

Observations and questions from members of the University’s community followed, and the event ended with a statement by Ms Frederickou: "Coming from the field of education, for me what is always important is to information, awareness and prevention. The aim of today's event is to look at the issue of trafficking from this perspective. Let each and every one of us see his/her own role in dealing with it."

The event will be repeated at Frederick University's campus in Limassol.

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