CyFFORS: Cyprus Flood Forecasting System by Frederick Research Center

A web platform for flood forecasting in Cyprus and the region of Attica in Greece was developed by the Frederick Research Center (FRC) through the CyFFORS (Cyprus Flood Forecasting System) project. In addition to the prognostic information given to help better deal with floods, the web platform also provides additional warnings about impending flood events.

The results of the CyFFORS project were presented on Friday, September 24th at Frederick University, in the presence of Dr. Philippos Tymvios, Senior Officer at the Department of Meteorology, and Dr. Kostas Lagouvardos, Research Director at the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens. The CyFFORS forecasting system operates using WRF-Hydro (Weather Research and Forecasting), a state-of-the-art hydrometeorological tool. The system in question and its results are accessible to the public and local authorities through the online platform (, with the aim to better prepare to deal with floods.

"It's good when research results are published in scientific journals but it is equally important when research provides tools that can be used by the public" said Dr. Lagouvardos, referring to the CyFFORS online platform. Dr. Lagouvardos presented a review of the extreme phenomena during the 2021 summer in the Eastern Mediterranean region. He also refered to the wildfires in Greece and Cyprus and the floods expected in the affected areas. During his speech, Dr. Lagouvardos linked extreme weather events to climate change, explaining that platforms like the one developed by CyFFORS can be used by the public and public sector towards climate change management. 

As part of the presentation, the film “Climate Change Happening Now?” was shown, containing excerpts from acclaimed documentaries focusing of the floods during the 2021 summer and their connection to climate change. This was followed by a tour of the Cyprus Ionospheric Research Group's The Sun and Us exhibition, which is hosted at Frederick University and is dedicated to space weather.

The event, which was open to the public, ended with an open discussion during which many shared their concern over the climate crisis our planet is faced with. Both Dr Lagouvardos and Dr Haris Haralambous, Lead Researcher of the Cyprus Ionospheric Research Group which implemented the CyFFORS project as well as Project Coordinator Dr Christiana Oikonomou, all emphasized that flood forecasting is a tool that allows us to better evaluate and better prepare for extreme weather phenomena.

During his visit to Cyprus for the event, Dr Lagouvardos gave an interview for the local Phileleftheros newspaper where he further explained how extreme wheather and climate change are connected and the measures that governmental organizations can take to combat the environmental crisis. You can read the interview (in greek) here 

The CyFFORS project is funded by the Republic of Cyprus and the European Regional Development Fund. It is implemented by the Cyprus Ionospheric Research Group in collaboration with the National Observatory of Athens' Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development.

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