Girls aged 9-12 spent a colour-filled STEM Day at Frederick University

The excitement of discovery was the prevailing element at Frederick University last Saturday, 6th of May, during which girls aged 9-12 had the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops as part of STEM Day.

The girls experimented with colors and solutions in the University’s Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry Laboratories, came into contact with Robotics and Programming, learned about the importance of Engineering in Architecture, and participated in an empowerment workshop! Exciting the girls who participated, the workshops were designed by members of the academic community of the School of Engineering, School of Health Sciences, and School of Education and Social Sciences and were implemented in collaboration with members of the University’s research and student community.

STEM Day for Girls is a special event, organized regularly at Frederick University, featuring free fun educational workshops designed to engage and inspire young girls in the wider community to explore the exciting world of science, technology, and engineering.

STEM Day is dedicated to the exciting world of Science, Technology, and Engineering and has been established at Frederick University as one of the activities of the University’s long-term campaign “To all women & girls: Join the journey in Engineering, Science and Technology”.

Along with the activities for children, parents had the opportunity to attend a workshop during which they learned how to encourage and enhance their children's self-esteem. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Marios Theodorou, Lecturer at Frederick University’s Department of Psychology and Social Sciences. It was preceded by a presentation on the presence of women in the fields of Science, Technology, and Engineering during which the President of the University Council, Ms Natassa Frederickou, explained why women’s representation in these fields is of great importance. "The positive feedback we receive from the girls participating in these workshops motivates us to continue our campaign and see more and more girls in fields that are considered 'male-dominated'. It is important for each person to do what they love. It is very sad to limit our girls' choices and put limits on what they can become. Through our workshops, we hope to help them get in touch with different areas of Science, Engineering, and Technology and meet other women who are active in these fields", comments Ms. Frederickou.

"The underrepresentation of women in STEM fields is a significant issue with far-reaching implications. To address this disparity and achieve Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) related to gender equality, it is crucial to develop and execute specific and deliberate interventions that target and encourage women to participate in STEM at all levels. The STEM Days and STEM Camps, which are regularly organized at Frederick University, are integral parts of our educational initiatives designed to foster an early interest in STEM among girls in the wider community. These initiatives serve as platforms for young girls to explore the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, with the aim of breaking down barriers and inspiring them to pursue STEM careers. By engaging, educating, and empowering girls at an early age, we are working towards a more equitable and diverse future in STEM, ultimately contributing to the broader goals of sustainable development and gender equality."

The next actions of the campaign will take place in the near future:
- On May 13 and 14, the University will participate in the 2nd Femme Fest Cyprus, which is the only Festival for the Promotion of Gender Equality in Cyprus, with two actions: the Thematic Centre "Women and Science" where the public will be able to be informed about the campaign during a walk-through and workshops for children offered by Frederick University’s Robotics Academy. The workshops will take place on both days from 18:00 to 20:00 while the Thematic Centre will be accessible throughout the festival, from 17:00 until late at night, at the Nicosia Municipal Gardens.
- On July 3-7, the University will hold its STEM Camp for girls aged 13-16. The STEM Camp consists of workshops designed, targeting specifically this age group, by the University’s academic staff and will take place on the premises of Frederick University in Nicosia. For registrations, follow the link here.

As part of the campaign "To all women & girls: Join the journey in Engineering, Science and Technology", 50% scholarships are offered to all girls who choose to study in the undergraduate programs of the School of Engineering. Frederick University contributes to the gender equality goal and the elimination of gender stereotypes as a member of the United Nations Solutions Network for Sustainable Development with this campaign and multidimensional action.

The campaign is under the auspices of the Commissioner for Gender Equality, Ms Tzozi Christodoulou. More information:


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