BSc in Psychology

Program Profile

Qualification Awarded

BSc in Psychology

Level Of Qualification

Bachelor (1st Cycle Degree)

Offered by

 Department of Psychology and Social Sciences

Mode of Study

 Full Time or Part Time

Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour. It underlies the importance in understanding human behaviour spanning from how we develop and interact with each other to all the biological processes that support these functions.

Psychology is an exciting and popular discipline that covers a wide spectrum of topics. It includes the study of the nervous system and of cognitive functions as well as the study of social factors that affect the behaviour of individuals and of groups. Moreover, it covers the study of child development; personality; capabilities and limitations; behavioural deviations and their clinical treatments.

By choosing to study for a BSc in Psychology at Frederick University, it is ensured that the student will be given the opportunity to meticulously study and, therefore, attain comprehensive understanding of the various psychological theories. Moreover, it is expected that the student will obtain specialised training in research methodology.

Learning Outcomes:

It is expected that with completion of their studies, graduates will:

  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge of the theory, the core concepts and methods of Psychology,
  • Be capable to develop an appropriate and systematic way of approaching different issues and of effectively delivering the principles of Psychology where applicable
  • Be acquainted with relevant scientific sources and in keeping up to date with advances in their field,
  • Participate in research activities while exhibiting their acquired skills in designing, processing and analyzing data
  • Develop critical and inquisitive thought, as well as creativity in their scientific approaches
  • Exhibit efficient communication skills
  • Develop and present scientific arguments within an academic dialog, referencing accepted academic positions
  • Seek appropriate evidence to support their scientific inferences and strictly maintain the bio-ethical framework of contact
  • Hold a clear and realistic view for their future scientific and professional development and show self awareness and empathy


Occupational Profile of Graduates

The BSc in Psychology provides all the necessary support in order for graduates to pursue a career in Psychology. 

Graduates of the program have the required academic qualifications in order to be included in the official registry of psychologists according to the Cyprus Law.